Friday, April 5, 2013

Three Limericks

I have been writing a modern-day fiction story called "The Chronicles of Chen-Sing", and while I'm not posting it on here at the moment, I am posting three limericks in the story.  They have a good deal to do with the changing of my protagonist, Ayden, but they aren't the main thrust of the novel.

To gold, men’s hearts to bind,
But true life, in that they shall not find,
Kings and lords,                             
Fight with glistening swords,
But life, true life, upon them shall never be shined.

A golden key will unlock a life,
Set him free from worldly strife,
A golden key not of man’s gold,
For that can be bought and sold,
For this golden key is far beyond value money or fife.

Doubt not that this is the right,
Come into the light,
Darkness will seek,
Its flaming wreak,
But be strong, see what is true through new sight.

I hope you enjoyed them, later I'll post the story that they are in, once it is edited and all of that.

~The WordWeaver


  1. I like the poems, but are they meant as songs? I was just wondering because the last lines never seem to have a rime and that seems to happen in songs a lot.
    Still, I liked the poems.

    1. Thanks!

      Actually, with limericks, they do rhyme. A limerick has lines 1 and 2 rhyme, then 3 and 4 rhyme, but then the 5th line rhymes with lines 1 and 2, so it does rhyme, it's just a little more complicated way. If you read them again, that's how I did it. :)

      Thanks again for reading!


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