Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunflower Blog Tag

I was tagged by Ryebrynn with the Sunflower Blogger tag.  Here we go.

Rules -

1.  Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions set by your nomination blogger- Nominate 11 bloggers
3.  Set questions for the nominated bloggers. 

1.  My major writing projects since I began serious writing - my first writing project ended in 45,000 words, my second, 20,000, my third, 60,000, my third, 10,000, my fourth, 10,000, my fifth I'm still writing.

2.  I write incredibly slow. D:

3.  I have dirty blonde hair.

4.  I'm an anachronist.

5.  I have an invisible mustache (according to some people).

6.  I have grey-blue eyes.

7.  I'm not a "Grammar Nazi," and I believe it's impossible to be one.  Nazis were the guys who put people in showers and then gassed them.

8.  I'm a sucker for sad books.

9.  I can't think of another one.

10.  I don't watch Doctor Who.

1. What are you currently reading?

The Bronze Bow.

2. What book coming out soon are you most excited about?

Golden Daughter.

3. Do you like Mountain Dew(if you don't, I'll still forgive you... maybe :P)

Course! :D

4. Who is your favorite author?

Maybe C.S. Lewis.

5. What is your favorite series?

The Chronicles of Narnia?  The Lord of the Rings?

6. What is your favorite stand-alone novel?

The Hobbit.

7. Do you like cats?


8. What is your opinion of dogs?

They're good boys.

9. What is your favorite state(In America)\

Washington D.C.? :)

10. Spicy food or sweet food?

Spicy, all the way!

11. What is your favorite movie?

You can't separate the Lord of the Rings.

And now I'll tag -

Ellron Silvertree (even though he doesn't have a blog)
Raptor Elytra
T. Granger
Dmitri Pendragon

Questions -

1.  If the exact opposite of you (personality wise) showed up, what would you do?

2.  What are your current writing projects (if you write)?

3.  Most depressing thing you can think of in an instant?

4.  Do you know a second language?

5.  Have you read the Count of Monte Cristo (unabridged)?

6.  Have you done the Sunflower Tag before?

7.  Eye color?

8.  Hair color?

9.  Do you want a different hair color/eye color?

10.  How are you? (this is not a rhetorical question. :P)

11.  How's your writing going?

- Robert


  1. Did you set questions for the nominated bloggers? :P (I read the list of nominated people and thought, "Yes, I'm safe.") :P

    Oh, and I have grey-blue eyes, I don't watch Doctor Who, I have a visible mustache, and what's a Grammar Nazi?

    1. I edited it. Now there are questions. And by the way, I meant to nominate you, but I forgot. :P

      Good for you. (Super) good for you. And good for you. :P A Grammar Nazi is someone who constantly corrects their own and everyone else's grammar. They're the minorities, but it still drives the majorities insane.

    2. My whole mental image of what you look like just shattered into a thousand pieces. Just saying.

    3. If I get tagged because I point it out, maybe I shouldn't comment… :P What blog should I do it on? I don't have a current blog for my UG friends. Or should I do it on the UG?

      Hmm…I don't think I'm a Grammar Nazi. But I have corrected some of Raptor's grammar on a Google Doc before.

      @Leilani: Oh, really? What did you think I looked like?

  2. I didn't know you were into the Goldstone Wood series! Nice answers/random facts. I need to get busy on doing my post for this (I was tagged the same place you were.)

    1. I've been following Anne Elisabeth Stengl's blog and facebook for a while now. They seem like good books.
      Thanks. Can't wait to see yours too!

  3. I actually knew most of these things about you. XP Too many crazy chats on Gmail, I guess.

  4. Well, I appreciate that you thought of me when tagging people, but I've chosen not to do tags on my blog. So, I apologize. But you did pick some interesting questions. :)


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