Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunset's Rise

Sunsets never rise,
Truth is never told in lies.

Time is never in reverse,
There never was a real pirate's curse.

Goblins and Dwarves, Fairies and Elves,
They are nothing more but mere words upon the shelves.

Sunsets never rise,
Truth is never told in lies.

Yet what if, what if legends were something more?
What if they came to life and upon the winds they could soar?

Youth would take up arms and battle for the side of good,
In battle, men and elves would stand together... if only they could.

Kings would rise and defeat the Dark,
Speech would be given to the dove and the lark.

What is wrong with this?
To my youthful, ready eyes, it seems a golden bliss.

I have been told sunsets never rise,
Truth is never told in lies,

But what if - what if the sunsets did rise?
And truth was hidden deep within lies?

What if?


Tell me what you think of the poem.  Rather elementary, I should say, but if you have any critique, I would love to here it!

~The WordWeaver


  1. I enjoyed the poem, though I disagree,
    for myth indeed lives, in a young mind's imagery.
    And truth you know, has been seen to hide,
    in the strangest spots, as a lie's true guide.

    1. Ah, yes, true your words are,
      Though my intention from them was not far... (not sure if that makes sense)

      Oh well, I guess I won't try to answer in rhyme!

      Thanks for reading it, and yes, fantasy and myth do exist. But what if they were REAL? :)

  2. Wowza. That was absolutely brilliant, Warrior.


    1. Haha, thanks, Ryebrynn! And thanks for reading, too!

  3. I liked it, something to ponder on, very nice.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and also for reading, T!


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