Thursday, April 11, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo

(Note, I am going to stop posting poems or other short pieces of writing occasionally, though I shall always post that sort of material).

NaNoWriMo, to those who don't know, stands for National Novel Writing Month and is a non-profit organization devoted to getting your novel written. National Novel Writing Month takes place in November and is a challenge for you to write 50,000 words in a month. Camp NaNoWrimo is part of the NaNoWrimo project, taking place in other months of the year. Note: It is not a real camp, it's only online.

Anyway, back to the subject of me doing er... attempting Camp NaNoWriMo.  Yup, you probably already know what's coming.

It's April 8th and I should I have around 8 thousand words - if I was on schedule (I planned to have 30,000 by the end of the month, and I knew I could to it, because I wrote double it, 60,000, in November).  But, as you can guess... I'm not on schedule... SURPRISE!!!

I have 3,900 some words.  Way behind.  Oh well.  I've been pretty busy.  I want to write - just don't have the time.

The day before last I went to an Airsoft Battle, which was fun, but sadly I didn't remember to take a camera along and film some of it.  Oh well.  It was great fun... although my feet were freezing because I had inadequate boots for the job - and there was about a foot deep of snow.

Still, as said early twice, it was fun.   Really fun.  We had two battles, both of which lasted approximately an hour and a half each, since we started later than expected and stopped at 5:30 PM.

Anyway, back to talking about the battles.  We were out-manned and outgunned.  It was rather amazing how good we fought, though.

In this first battle, we got the main hill first.  Our enemies (for lack of a name I'll just call it Team K, and the team I was on Team P) came up the hill and tore apart our main defense.  I was a rear guardsman  so I didn't see much action until the enemy broke through.  We were almost certain Team K would flank us, but they didn't, rather, they just swept out the left half of our forces.  (This left half being the side that controlled the hill).

BUT, we weren't finished.  I was, however, because as the main enemy force destroyed our left wing, I hid behind a tree and laid ambush to them.

I had a pistol.

There were three guys with Tommy guns.

I was certain I would be shot, but hey, I thought I would get at least one of them.  I DID have the advantage of a surprise attack.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any.  I was shooting up hill and I was nervous.  So after shooting once and blowing my cover, two of the guys (and remember, they all had Tommy's), opened up on me.  The tree was too small, so I was hit after they wasted several rounds.

Still, Team K didn't use the hill to their advantage.  Instead, they charged down into our right wing force, into a valley, and were there picked off by our sniper, our captain, and two or so other guys.

And we won.  Yes, it was rather amazing.  But we won that first battle.   Just BARELY, though.

As for the second battle, we laid out some more elaborate plans because now WE were the ones going to have to charge up and take the hill.  Out-manned and outgunned.  We were doomed.

Private D and I (I'm Private R, by the way) were on a special mission this second battle.  Since D knew the terrain, he was our scout, and because I was the only one fortunate enough to have camo on (that would be white, because of the snow), we were chosen to come at the enemy from a way they least expected.  Well, I was.  D was going the entire way around the field, while I was... going to go straight through the field in the sight of the enemy.

So once battle #2 had started, D and I started off, circling way around.  We got to the woods beyond the field and the hill, and there crept along.  And that's when I saw them.

3 heavily armed machine gunners walking along the edge of the field - no more than 30 or so feet from us.  I could hear them talking.

We could have ambushed them.  But remember there was only two of us, three of them, and besides, I only had a pistol anyway.

So we did the only sensible thing to do.  Hide.

Well, not hide.  I prefer the phrase 'keep undercover'.  My tree, again, wasn't big enough, so thanks to my white camo, I was hidden.  After about ten minutes, the three Team K troopers were out of sight (and my feet were freezing), we head off down through the woods again.  Soon D and I split up.  I was going to army crawl all the way across the field and up the main hill. 

I thought I was going to be shot as I did so, but when I reached the brink of the hill and prepared to surprise my enemies (in my suicidal mission), I found that... that... they had deserted the hill.  Um... that was quite an odd move.  Not very strategical I should say.

But then I saw movement up the hill.  Not knowing it was my allies, I made a move to get away from them.  I ended up joining with them - after I saw they were on my side.  And the rest of the battle... well, that unfolded as easily as a napkin.  Finally, we all ganged up on Team K's leader, and surrounded him.  He went down fighting... but could of just surrendered and 'lived'.

So we won both battles.  Which was quite surprising...

(Note:  It took me like a week to write this, for some reason, and so just so you know... I'm only at 4,000 some words still).

~The WordWeaver


  1. If you need to write, then don't get on the computer, LOL. :)


  2. I finished the NaNoWrimo month (barely( but didn't dare enter into the camp, don't ask me why, I'm not entirely sure.
    That Airsoft battle sounded awesome.

  3. I managed Camp Nano, but will probably be scarred for life after what I went through to complete it, you can no doubt relate.


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