Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Gat, Dna A Egaugnal

If you didn't understand the title, you will later, I promise.

In the mean time.  I have a tag *hint hint* by Hyperlinkzer.
All I have to do is list ten random facts about myself, then tag some other people.

1.  I LOVE High Fantasy stories, novels, and other tales.
2.  I am a published author.  Well, self-published.  I have a book on kindle for sale.  But... I'm not really meaning to market it.  I have my reasons.  But I wanted to tell ya anyway.
3.  I go arrowhead hunting with my mom's cousins.  My brother has found two, and I've found a good bit of indian flint, and a couple Indian scrapers (to scrape deer hides, etc.), but never any arrowheads, sadly.
4.  I have done NaNoWriMo 2012, and am in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo's first month (April).
5.  The print edition of my book comes out in about two weeks.
6.  My dream house would be to live in a castle made to look like a giant mushroom (oh yeah!  And with a moat and drawbridge, and with whole rooms devoted to Redwall and Middle Earth and Narnia.)
7.  I thirst for... I don't know, words, I suppose.
8.  A Fact:  I'm not quite 5'.  *Sniffle*
9.  A Fact:  The moon is blue with purple polka dots.  (Wait, the facts have to be about me?)
10.  A Fact:  I've ran out of facts.

Anyway, here's the next part of the title.

I'm making my own language.  I've got about 200 or more words.  And YES, it's consistent.  It's actually quite fun.  Not making up new words (though that is enjoyable at times), but actually creating the grammar.  I've used bits of Finnish grammar, bits of a remote, unused native Australian language, and possibly more, but I forget most of them now.

So.  If you haven't figured out what the title was, it's... DUN DUN DUN!!!

A Tag, And A Language.

Random Fact:  I love Redwall.  There.  Does that make up for number 9?

~The WordWeaver


  1. I myself am in the process of learning how to format and publish and market a book. Then I shall be publishing.
    You're creating a language too?! My brother and I and a friend of ours are starting off our own at the moment.

    1. Ah, intriguing!

      I've been trying to think up marketing strategies for quite a while now. I think I've finally found one now, though.

      Awesome! What's the name of your language? (Or is that Top Secret?)

  2. Indubitable. it appears concerning events of late our actions are mysteriously in common. Good thing I enjoy mysteries. And, in fact, half the reason I was inspired to become an author was the writing of the late Brian Jacques, the best author I can think of.

    1. Haha, yes, mysteriously in common. Maybe we are some part of a grand scheme we are selves do not know of? Hm... possibly. Or maybe it's just the cliche: "Great minds think alike" proving itself to be true again.

      Yes, Brian Jacques was a master in the art of writing.


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