Friday, September 6, 2013

Kirobo and Mirata

Meet Man's next best friend...

This is real (I feel like somehow that doesn't really add to this post...).  Kirobo, the machine on the left, was sent up into space as an experiment of giving morale support to isolated astronauts.  Kirobo, after stepping on the moon, retold Neil Armstrong's famous words, but put a robot spin on it.  "On August 21, 2013, a robot took one small step toward a brighter future for all."   Its mouth blinks a dull red when it speaks.  Those were the first robot words ever said in outer space.

The bot has several technological capabilities, including voice-recognition, natural language processing, facial recognition, a camera and emotion recognition.  This also goes for its near identical twin on Earth, Mirata.

Kirobo is a mash of the words Robot and Kibo, which means "hope."  Therefore, it's the HopeRobot.  Pretty cool.

These little robot friends of ours are 13.4 inches tall, and weigh 2.2 pounds, to be exact.  And they talk.  And they walk (and float) in space.  They were created by Japanese scientists, and therefore speak in Japanese.

My, my, don't they just look like they came out of a cross between Portal and Pokemon?  That's a pretty ghostly picture, but Kirobo and Mirata are very real robots.

"Ahoy, Spaceman!"

"Activating Ghost Mode, activating Light Eyes, preparations completed."
These little guys could be equipped with some weaponry, and then who dares tell what might happen?

An army of them could be made, and they might turn against humanity, and we might be forced to fight against them with everything we have.

This'll be a cool story, no?  At least, if we survive...

And you can just hear it on the wisps of the wintery air, the voices, the voices of gears and oil, cranking out of the bots...  "We'll be here for you.  We'll always be here."
And their promise will be fulfilled - Earth will fall to the terrible might of these droids.  What could stop them now?  What could keep them at bay?  Do we have any hope at all?  That is the question that lies before us.  But naught an answer shall be brought forth, 'til the time is ripe, 'til these ages have fallen into the forgotten creases of the forlorn history books, hidden deep with must, in libraries of ages past.

~ R. A. H. Thacker

"And we, you Humans of Earth, are just the beginning.  I swear it on my very Hard Drive"


  1. Interesting! They do seem kinda like a Portal Pokemon crossover. "Kirobo, I choose you! Use Portal Gun!"

  2. I never knew you were a conspiracy theorist! :P

    1. Haha! I have my secrets about you too, Hyperlinkzer the Great...

    2. Oh really? We shall see, we shall see....

  3. Wait--are those robots real??? If so, wow. If not, then you pulled a good one on me, Warrior. :P

    1. Aye, they are real. Unless Warrior is an incredible hacker and convinced Wikipedia and the rest of the internet of it. :P

      Kirobo used Portal Gun on Mirata! It's super effective!

    2. Yes, they're very real.

      Then again, what Ellron says could just be true...


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