Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crazy Idea?

As it is with anyone in their trade, writers can relate to other writers.  Each would have different levels of experience and knowledge on all kinds of subjects.  And even without ever having met each other before, we share a connection because we've all gone through the struggles of writing.

And so, it makes sense for writers to gather and share knowledge and experience, right?  Even just to relax and talk.

And writing together, in one place, is also inspiring.  You can feel the power of creation all around you (although it's more of a subconscious feeling than anything else).  Your environment can mean the difference between 10 words a day and 10,000.

And why not?

Why not a place for writers to gather, to share, to talk, but mostly just to write?  It's a crazy idea (although potentially not the first idea of its kind), for a group of writers just to come and write in one room.  But it's also kind of empowering.  Together is always better than alone, right?

So just imagine.  A large central room of sofas, cushions, desks, beanbag chairs, etc.  Pictures line the walls, something to lighten up the walls but nothing distracting like a movie.  A speaker in the center plays music.  At one end of the room a smaller round room coffeehouse for writers taking a break to talk with others and have refreshments.  At another end of the larger room are a few smaller separate rooms, for those who would rather write in silence - these we can call the Art Rooms, or Exploration Rooms, for us to create in or draw in or just to sit in silence in.

It would be for a collection of writers to just be, well, writers.

Whaddya think?  Would you approve of a place like this, theoretically?  What would you like to see in a place like this?



  1. That sounds amazingly awesome. I wish something like that existed near me!

  2. I wanna go there. 0_0 Actually I was thinking about having a writer's weekend with one of my friends… so it'd be kinda similar to that.

  3. You guys want something like that? Make it. Be the ones to create something amazing.
    ((This is me trying to be the one to push you all to greatness XP sorry, the Olympic commercials are getting to me :P))

    1. Lol. *Shakes head at Olympic commercials* They were getting to me too, sadly . . . XD

  4. And... Is there a room to scream, yell, laugh maliciously, etc.?

    1. We'll slap on a sound proof addition later on.


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