Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

It's all good and nice to dream about "New Year's Resolutions," but a lot of the time, we're being selfish.

They're our resolutions to help us.  Maybe we did promise to make our home a better place by "being kinder to our families," but will it happen?

Is it even possible?

But then we have to think - is that even what we should be doing?

Trying to improve life for ourselves and our kin is fine and all, but it's a little selfish.  Who, besides us and the ones close to us, is it really helping?

Okay, so maybe you promised to "go green!" this year.  That's splendid!

Now are you going to do it?

New Year's Day is a fun time to think up what we'd like to do this year.  To fantasize.  To say, "maybe this'll be the year I write my book."  But we have to remember that what we do or not do will affect others.

One hundred and thirty-thousand people died in the Syrian Civil War.  Their lives were taken away from them without hesitation, without a tear of remorse.  The brutal meatgrinder of war will never stop.  Is there anything you can do in a "New Year's Resolution" to solve?  No, of course not.

But when you're thinking about what you want to do, consider what you can do.  Can you help the 2 million people displaced by the Syrian Civil War?  They live in fear, hunger, and poverty, places inhuman to be forced into.

So while you're in the hype of "doing good things," and "becoming a better person," think about what you can really do.  New Year's Resolutions might be a good thing, but it won't resolve the problems of life.

Alone we cannot resolve our problems.  Things will remain unresolved, no matter how we try.

Resolutions might make you feel good, but look at the results, did it really do good?

R. Thacker


  1. I've never thought about it that way. This leaves me wondering.

    -Jason L.

    1. What we can really do is limited of course. It's not as though we can stop wars and prevent national crises, but I think you have the message.

      Thanks for reading. :)


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