Monday, January 27, 2014

Save Jonathan Park!

Jonathan Park is in trouble!

Jonathan Park is an awesome Christian radio drama.  But the series is in a crisis - because last year a business partner with the series folded, and with it seemingly went the hope of Jonathan Park ever returning to the 'waves.

But recently a new chance came up for the Roys - the family who created, wrote, and directed the series.  They were offered a chance to buy back the rights of Jonathan Park.  This could mean a lot.

But that chance to get back the full rights is costly.  And they don't just have the capital sitting around.  So Mr. Roy started a crowdfunding option.  100,000 dollars is a lofty goal - but who said anything is impossible with God on our side?

Jonathan Park is an invaluable endeavor.  The series aired all over.  And now they need our help to bring back Jonathan Park.

It's time to Save Jonathan Park!

The crowdfunding host is fundable -
But you can also just search for and it will send you straight there.

Learn more about the Jonathan Park series here -
And visit the group (lead by Mr. Roy and his wife) website who will be buying the rights -

~Robert T

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