Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Short Break From Anything Writing-Related . . . (I'm not sure if I'll survive this . . .)

The courage . . .

The bravery . . .

The heart . . .

It take all those to do what I am about to do . . .

WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO WRITING?!?!?!  :O (And yes, that means I can use emoticons, because I'm officially not trying to be professional).

Not sure If I will actually finish this post or not, but here goes.

Several evenings ago was the first practice of our homeschool co-op volleyball team.  Last year, on my old blog, I talked about our church volleyball team - well, this is different.  The co-op team is putting us through serious training.  Two full hours of practice - - awesome.

I've been practicing a lot of volleyball in the past, so I had some advantage, I guess (and disadvantages of a lot of things too . . .) but I've basically been re-learning most of my skills, because we're starting with the basics.  One of the big things we were learning today was spiking - or rather, the initial steps up to the spike.
As some of you probably know, I'm really short.  And that clicks me.  Because I can't even touch the roof . . . D:  I'm hoping, with jumping exercise , I might be able to.

Woo . . .

Isn't that exciting . . .

There's about fifteen players, including two coaches.

But this is already getting boring . . . I better stop now.

Thanks for reading,


  1. *grin* Venturing into non-writing, hmm? Brave stuff! Hehe. I've never been good at volleyball, but I haven't had much training, either. The ball tends to hurt my hands. But I wish you luck with your new team!

    1. Yeah, scary whole world I missed in my writing ventures . . .
      Yeah, the volleyball usually does hurt. It also depends on how you hit it, though. The forearms, not below. Still hurts though.
      Thanks! :)

  2. That's cool! I've honestly never played volley ball (which is a little bit odd, since I live on the coast...or, well, about an hour away from it).

    Best of luck! And have fun with it. :D

    1. Ah, nothing to be ashamed of! ;) Volleyball is indeed an obscure sport.

      Thanks! I will. :D

    2. Yeah. Obscure doesn't mean it isn't fun though, eh? :D

    3. Aye! :) It's very fun. Second practice is today. I'm pumped.


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